Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Auto Loans without Credit History and Co-Signer – Can people of Tacoma Apply?

When you have no credit history,a co-signer becomes all the more important. A lender requires a co-signer in Tacoma because he/she guarantees regular monthly payments.I agree that a co-signer with good credit history can help you get quick auto loan approval. But, it is not easy to convince someone to risk their stellar credit score for your auto dream. So, what do you do when there is no one to help you? What should be your game plan for buying your dream car in Washington? Read this article and survive the auto financing world without a co-signer.

Modern Alternative to “No Credit – No Co-Signer” Problem

Few years back, lenders rejected every auto loan application with no credit history. But, things have changed now. With increased competition, customer has become the king in true sense. Lenders are providing instant auto loan approval with zero credit score. They no longer ask you for a co-signer. You can get trouble-free auto loans program with zero credit history and no co-signer.

Qualification Criteria for getting Approval on Auto Loans without Credit History and Co-Signer:

1. A valid SSN to identify yourself

2. Age Proof to make sure that you are legally allowed to enter into a contract

3. Income and Employment Proof – It is essential that you earn regular income.

NOTE 1 - Alert for College Students – Most lenders accept part-time income. So, don’t worry if you earn low income. You can get approval with gross monthly income as low as $1,000 provided you have fewer debts.

NOTE 2 – Although down payment is not compulsory for getting zero credit auto financing without co-signer, you can opt for it. A 20% down payment will ensure instant approval. If you don’t have down payment, you can trade-in a car with positive equity.

Procedure for getting approval in Tacoma, Washington

The approval procedure on auto loan in Washington is same as in any other state of the nation. You need to be absolutely ready to deal with the auto financing world. Here’s how you can apply for the loan.

Know your Score

An individual’s credit score is never zero. There is always a number attached to your credit report. Even though you think you have credit history,check it before applying for a car loan. It is quite possible that you may have used a credit card or a department store card in past. Such things definitely have an impact on your credit score. Another reason for getting your credit ratings is to avoid financial frauds. Lenders may dupe you by providing you higher rates under the pretext of terrible credit score. So, it is always better to have knowledge of your ratings.

Increase Approval Chances by applying at the Right Place

Many young car buyers of Washington face rejection because they apply with wrong lenders and dealers. When you have specific requirements, apply with lenders who can fulfill them. Use the web to search for companies that provide no credit no co-signer auto loans in Tacoma. Don’t forget to check the reliability of these companies.

After you apply with a relevant online auto financing company, it will analyses your loan request. You will be contacted by its local representative to discuss the details of the Tacoma auto loan contract.

Auto loan approval without credit score and co-signer is very simple. All you need to do is know the exact process of securing the loan program in Tacoma. I hope this Washington auto financing guide helped you in knowing everything about no credit no co-signer auto loans.

Rapid Car Loans doesn’t make co-signing compulsory for Washingtonians with zero credit history. You can get quick approval on auto loans with no cosigner and no credit score by simply submitting the online application form on the website. Submit your Washington auto loan request and get ready to drive your car on the streets of the city.

Best of luck! Hope you get a great auto loan deal!


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